Explicit Contents' Full & Uncensored Catalog

Please note that this page contains all Explicit Contents cards in their full glory — profanity and all.

Please do not scroll further if you're allergic to adult language. 

Birthday Cards

B001 — Want Some Cake?

B002 — Cher a Little More


B003 — Mr. Rhinasseros

B004 — Ms. Rhinasseros


B005 — Cheers

B006 — All I Ever Wanted

B007 — Party Pooper

B008 — Funky Family


B009 — A Gift


Congratulations Cards

C001 — Colorful Congrats

Friendship Cards

F001 — Disappointment Surprise


F002 — Burying the Lede


F003 — Crabby Friends


Get Well Soon Cards

G001 – Please Feel Better Soon


Miscellaneous Cards

M001 — The Original Anonymous F**k You Card


New Baby Cards

N001 — Can We Keep It?


Romantic Cards

R001 — Leather & Lace

Sympathy Cards

S001 — Words of Comfort


Thank You cards

T001 — A Crappy Card


T002 — Bad Words


T003 — A Whole New World

T004 — The Sh*t

Wedding Cards

W001 — Thoughts & Prayers