Anonymous F**K YOU Card

It’s the exact opposite of a “thank you” card… it’s psychological warfare!

We had to censor the adult language to comply with social media policies, but trust us: this isn’t a card you send to someone you like.

(Yes, those flowers are all middle fingers.)

Anonymous Cards: How They Work

Regardless of how much time passes, they’ll never be certain of who sent it or why — a gift that's certain to linger for years to come. 

It’s hard to put a price on that kind of ROI... but we did. It's $10.

Checking Out

Please only purchase one card per order when using our anonymous sending service.

Use your information for the billing details (in case we need to get in touch after you place the order), but the intended recipient’s info for the shipping details.

Your information will not be visible to the recipient.

If you get confused — don't worry! Just input your information. We'll double-check all anonymous mailing service orders with you via email before processing.

After You've Placed Your Order

We will NEVER share buyer information with recipients of this card.

Within one week of placing your order, the recipient will receive this anonymous card in the mail with your message, handwritten by one of our staff members.

Want to send an anonymous card, but still not sure? Never hesitate to contact us with your questions. Our customers mean the world to us, and we'd be delighted to serve you.