Wholesale FAQ

We've done our best to tackle the most common questions that prospective wholesale accounts ask here, but if we can help with anything else at all, please don't hesitate to contact us at wholesale@explicitcontents.co or via telephone at +1 (214) 699-7250.

FAQ Table of Contents

Do you sell on Faire?

Yes! If you prefer to order through Faire for any reason, we're happy to service your account through their portal.

We do ask that you use our Faire direct link for your first order so that Faire recognizes that we referred you from our website, which saves us a bit on their commission (but doesn't cost you any benefits!). 

Are there any benefits to ordering directly from you?

Apart from supporting us directly and our streamlined ordering interface, there are no differences!

We want to serve you via whatever platform is most convenient for you, so as much as we appreciate direct support from our wholesale clients, we won't play favorites!

We'll always do what's right and take incredible care of the business owners who choose to support us with their purchases, regardless of platform.

Do you offer samples for prospective wholesale accounts?

We sure do! You can request some free samples if you're a retail website or business owner that's considering carrying Explicit Contents here » 

What are the wholesale order minimums?

  • New Accounts: $200.00
  • Existing Accounts: $100.00
  • Quantity per SKU: 1 case per SKU ordered (6 cards / case) 

What's the recommended MSRP?

The MSRP for Explicit Contents cards is $5.95, but pricing is not printed on the card to allow the retailer flexibility in how they choose to price our products within their store.

What if I want to submit an order via email instead of directly on the website?

We've got you covered! Simply download our email order form, fill out all highlighted fields, and email it to wholesale@explicitcontents.co when you're done.

We'll send you an invoice for payment within one business day of receiving your email order. Easy-peasy!

NOTE: To download the email order form, click the link above and directly below the file name towards the top of the screen, click File > Download > Microsoft Excel (.xlsx).

How long do wholesale orders take to ship?

Unless you're ordering more than 12 cards per SKU, wholesale orders typically ship within one business day. Larger orders, or orders that require a high quantity for any individual SKU, may require up to five (5) business days to ship. 

How much does shipping typically cost?

For domestic UPS Ground orders, shipping usually costs $12 - $15. International shipping will cost slightly more, and orders that are considerably larger than our average $300 - $400 wholesale order may increase shipping costs.

We never markup shipping. Shipping fees will always be passed along to the wholesale client at cost, and if you're charged more for shipping than we end up paying, we'll always refund the difference within on business day of shipping your order.

Do all of your card designs feature barcodes?

Yes, all Explicit Contents cards feature unique barcodes following all GS1 best practices. All cards also feature unique UPC codes and model numbers for easy reference when reordering.

What shipping service does Explicit Contents use by default?

We use whatever shipping provider the client selects at checkout, or when submitting their order via email. We prefer UPS, but whatever carrier works best for you is who we'll use to ship! 

Do you accept returns / exchanges for wholesale products?

Yes. Inventory that's in brand new condition can be returned at the client's expense for credit towards future wholesale orders, less a 10% restocking fee.

Please email us at wholesale@explicitcontents.co if you'd like to return any unsold merchandise so that we can provide an RMA.

Do you offer any type of card rack or display?

Unfortunately we don’t have any card racks or displays at this time because we’re still a pretty young company!

Once we expand our catalog to 48 SKUs, we plan to offer 48-card racks with wholesale orders of ~$850 or more. 

Do you ship your cards in sleeves?

At this time we do not ship our cards sleeved for two reasons:

  • To reduce plastic waste.
  • Optimal retail customer experience.

Unlike many greeting cards, Explicit Contents almost always includes punchlines and/or artwork inside of the card, as well as artwork on the back.

If our cards are sleeved with an envelope, it makes the cards harder for the retail customer to experience / explore, which may result in reduced sales.

Why do you have so few cards for some categories?

Explicit Contents launched our first 12 SKUs at the end of March 2022, so we're still really young! We're filling out product categories according to their sales volume within this industry (birthday cards, for example, make up over 50% of greeting card sales).

We're releasing new SKUs ~12 at a time every 2-3 months, and continuing to fill categories in their order of sales volume / popularity! 

What can I do to boost the sales of Explicit Contents cards?

We recommend prominently displaying our Original Anonymous F**k You card wherever you feature Explicit Contents cards — it tends to attract customers who will enjoy our cards! 

We also recommend offering a discount for any retail customer who chooses to purchase 5 or more Explicit Contents cards (i.e. "5 for $25"), which in our experience has resulted in an average of over 3 cards per sale.