52 Birthday Cards For Him: A Card for Every Man in Your Life

You’re reading this because there’s a birthday coming up for a special man in your life, whether that's a boyfriend/husband, dad, grandpa, uncle, nephew, or more!

Regardless of who he is or how you're connected, we've done the hard work and hunted down a variety of the best birthday cards for him that are sure to bring a smile to his face.

Some of these options are slightly colorful, so adjust your choices based on his humor — viewer discretion may be advised!

If a special woman in your life is having a birthday soon, be sure to check out our 34 Handpicked Birthday Cards for Her curated list as well!

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7 Birthday Cards for Any Man

Here are 7 lovely birthday card ideas for a special man, boy… or manboy… in your life.

picture of a large cake falling on a dinosaur

Want Some Cake? - Does he appreciate a good dark joke? Then this is the card for you. No matter his age, it's still always fun to joke about the struggle each of us will go through to make it another year.

This also acts as a gentle reminder to not have too much cake.

picture of an elephant dressed up as cher

Cher a Little More - With the words "I would, you look terrible." on the inside, this one pokes a bit of fun at how well (or not well) he's aging. Birthdays are a time to "Cher" some joy and laughter.

"happy birthday you are now officially too old to die young"

Officially Too Old To Die Young - Let's keep the age-related jokes rolling with a simple, yet effective, happy birthday card. We're only young once, old forever... and he's achieved "the forever."

"Cheers to another year of being a handsome f**k"

Cheers - They say men age like wine... so cheers to another year of him becoming  a finer vintage... and hoping he doesn't sour with age.

picture of a man riding a donkey with a basket of baby birds

Hope You Get Your Wish - With this birthday card, you can wish that he gets everything a man could possibly hope for on his special day. What else could he possibly want?

Great Man - It says "Happy birthday to someone who's both." on the inside— a perfect birthday card for that cool guy you love hanging out with.

"Money can't buy happiness but it can buy beer."

Beer! - It's a universal fact that beer brings men happiness. It's a scientific fact that drinking beer in moderation extends one's lifespan (but don't quote me on that).

This is the perfect birthday card for the beer-loving man who wants to have a long and happy life.

If you're looking for a card with more oomph, try our best selling Anonymous F**k You card! This card always gets a huge laugh... and maybe a few harsh words back at whoever gave it to them.

6 Birthday Cards for Him (Just a Friend)

He's special to you alright, but he's just a friend. Here are 6 birthday cards for that guy who's hangin' out in the friend zone.

picture of a drunk fish on a boat

All I Ever Wanted - What makes a better friend than someone who can drink, swear, and has questionable morals? A perfect happy birthday card for the manliest of your friends.

picture of a crab and a squid hanging out by the beach

Crabby Friends - With the words "is pretending I like my other friends as much as you" inside, this birthday card is prefect for your absolute best guy friend.

Try not to let your other friends see this card though...

Not Dead Yet from Sailors' Siren - Congratulate them on escaping the grim reaper once again. They seem to be getting good at it, and this card lets them know how glad you are that they made it another year.

Answering Phone - We all have that dude who never answers his phone calls. He's always busy doing God knows what. This is the perfect birthday card to send him.

(Let's just hope he actually checks his mail.)

Scotch Whiskey - The drink of choice for suave guys from James Bond to Donald Draper. We all have that one friend who's so smooth he always gets the ladies. That might make this the perfect birthday card for that smooth pal of yours.

Growing Old - Do you ask him how old he is, or how young?

Just because you grow old with your friends doesn't mean y'all have to grow up. Here's a great option for that guy who refuses to act his age.

23 Birthday Cards for Dad / Grandpa

Here are 23 birthday cards to congratulate that older man in your life for making it through another year. They may get older, but they'll remain golden.

picture of a grave stone

Party Pooper - Wish him a happy birthday for surviving yet another year before his "final retirement".

Grey Hare available at The Mercantile at Mill and Grain - As happy as it would probably make them, and as cute as it would be to watch, do NOT let bunnies near any kind of cake.

Define Elderly available at The So Chic Boutique - Siri’s so damn bad these days that she’d probably respond, “Elderberry is a genus of flowering plants closely related to honeysuckle.” But at least it would be legible in large, accessible text!

The Bad*ss Dad available at Cedar Chest - For the protector, the provider… the leather-coat-wearing epitome of bada**ness.

Old Folks available at Happy Thoughts - Are they investigating an old-timey crime or trying to read a birthday card? Maybe both?

Chin Up available at That Hipster Place - Gravity can be kind of a b*tch after a few decades.

Not That Old available at Kindship Cards - IF HE MAKES IT THAT LONG, AMIRITE?!

Instead of Grandbabies available at Salt & Honey Market - Because the perfect card is just as good as grandbabies!

Double Chin available at Wilkins and Olander - What good does a “tight body” do once you’re in the ground? For the dad (or grandpa!) who lives life to the fullest.

Hundred Bucks available at The Codfish Cowboy - Fun fact! This is called the “door-in-the-face technique” — a well-documented method of persuasion.

Not Saying You’re Old available at Cultured Coast - Tell them they’re old without telling them they’re old.

Hard Candies available at Spruce Omaha - Are they a Werther’s Original old person, or a strawberry bon-bon old person?

Hip Hip… Replacement! available at Thistle - Hey, another year not pushin’ up daisies is always worth celebrating… even if you’re not exactly in the “best shape of your life”.

Do You Know What That Means? available at Carmine and Hayworth - Wisdom comes with age. Trendy lingo does not.

Lots of Candles from Best Day Ever - A great way to remind the old man that they're not getting younger. Oh! And to wish them a happy birthday, of course

Extra Fine available at Brodawka & Friends - Very few people age like fine wine, but if your dad does, you probably won’t find a better card.

"you're an oldie but a goodie"

Oldie But Goodie - With this lighthearted birthday card, you can assure him that though he may be older, he's still a keeper. The true definition of old but gold.

I’m Gift Enough available at Peepa’s - Everyone knows that children are the greatest gift to parents, and if your dad isn't aware of that, send him this card for his birthday to remind him.

…or if you're just too lazy to get him an actual present.

I Can Never Repay You from Julia Moss Designs - Your dad probably won’t be thrilled once he reads this card, so make sure you immediately tell him that it's only a joke.

It's just a joke... right?

picture of a wooly mamoth

Woolly Mammoth - This funny birthday card will breathe life back into that hairy beast... and I'm not talking about the woolly mammoth.

cow puns

Herd It's Your Birthday - Who loves puns better than dads? This is a great birthday card for the older man in your life who never runs out of dad jokes. 

picture of a king of farts playing card

King of Farts - Another punny birthday card for the king of your family. There's a saying that goes "With great fathers come great flatulence," or something like that.. Pull my finger!

7 Birthday Cards for Sons

Wish that little rascal a happy anniversary for being spawned with these 5 fun birthday card ideas.

picture of a grumpy cat

A Gift - With the text "I hope you get a lot of gifts" inside, wish your son a happy birthday and that he gets lots of gifts — ideally ones that you didn't have to pay for.

You Drive Me Nuts - Your son might have been the primary cause of constant facepalms and head-scratching, but we all know you wouldn't trade him for the world. Show him your unending love through this card from Local Notables.

picture of a hoodie and a cardigan

Cardigan - Congratulate your son for reaching that awkward stage between youth and old age. He's about to have some extensive wardrobe changes.

"I smile because you are my son, I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it."

I Smile Because You Are My Son - Wish your son a happy birthday and remind him that he's stuck with you as his parent. He can run, but he can't hide.

One in a Million Son - This birthday card will make him feel special. Inside the card reads "You're one in a million. Happy Birthday."

Of course he's one in a million — he takes after you.

Annual Reminder - Perfect for your son that appreciates dry humor. A simple, snarky birthday card that's sure to make him chuckle. 

16 Birthday Cards for Your Husband / Boyfriend

Here are 16 birthday card options for your manly significant other… or your feminine‌ half. It’s 2022, who’s judging?

picture of a mice doing laundry

Leather & Lace - With the words "I'd leave your dirty mind unwashed" written inside, wish the naughty man in your life a happy birthday with this romantic card.

picture of a rhino with a big bottom

Mr. Rhinasseros - This lovely birthday card is perfect to remind your significant other of what caught your eye the moment you met him...

His strong personality, of course! 

Shave My Legs For You from Heart of the Home - This card is just another way of saying, "I love you so much that I don't mind getting razor burns and shaving nicks." If that isn't love, we don't know what it is.

Get Ready available at The Junkman’s Daughter - Only a bad card to get if you’re John Bobbitt!

Your Royal Highness available at The Tiny Art Shack - For the perfectly silly man in your life.

Cake Flame Extinguisher available at Harley Lilac - When the number of candles on the cake starts pushing the limits of your county’s fire code… it might be time to switch to the number-shaped candles.

Favorite DILF available at Sunny Side Up - Hopefully your only DILF?

To the Best Morning Person from Common Dear - If he's a morning person who cracks open the blinds too early, here's the perfect card. Nothing's harder than loving a morning person when you're not one.

Cute Bottoms from Sweet Paper - If grabbing your boyfriend's bottom is your thing, this card has to be pretty high on the list. We're not judging you. Who wouldn't be obsessed with such a cute tooshie?

FOTY from Love Pittsburgh - To everyone's first superhero - a card fit for Father's Day, your dad's birthday, or any other time you want to appreciate your old pal.

Birthday Spankings from Tiramisu Paperie - Making wishes on birthdays is a well-known tradition. However, adding a little bit of spice to the after-party doesn't sound so bad.

I Hope We Never Break Up from SFINGIDAY - What better way to say "happy birthday" to him than a "you're lucky for having me" card? Truly an, 'it's not me, it's you' moment.

Leftover Cake - This card is a kind reminder for your man to look on the bright side. His age might have garnered a plus one, but at least he has cake, which we all know could last until tomorrow and the days after. Also, he'd have this pretty neat sniff n' scratch card from Boston General Store!

"you are truly the best guy a girl could have so I got you something you've been asking all year. me... not spending any money, happy birthday"

Best Guy - Give him the best birthday gift by doing what he's always bugging you to do: save money. After all, isn't love the best gift one can give?

picture of two hamsters

Burying the Lede - With the words, "The good, the bad, the happy, the sad. I'm just glad I made them with you." Plot twist... they're burying a body together.

It's the best of both worlds — dark humor and sentimentality. Make your lover's heart melt with this hilarious but sweet birthday card.

Knock Yourself Out - Exude confidence with this funny birthday card. Let's just hope it convinces him to wish for something that involves you.

5 Birthday Cards for a Nephew

Nephew's birthday coming up? Here are 5 awesome birthday cards for your sibling's demon spawn.

Birthday Crepe - Did his birthday crepe up on you? Wish your nephew a happy birthday by sneaking him this card. Just try not to be crepe-y.

Taco - Give your nephew the idea to ask for birthday tacos instead of a birthday cake.

(Wouldn't it be spectacoular to wish on a taco?)

Nephewasaurus - An outstanding birthday card for your young nephew, especially if they love dinosaurs. The nephewasaurus is the most awesome of all the nephew species. Rawr!

Cactus - This card is sure to give your nephew a "pun" time on his birthday... if he gets the "point," that is.

High 5s - Okay, this one's a bit unsettling, but your nephew might find this card hilarious (bonus: your sibling will probably cringe a bit). 

This might forever earn you the title of "that weird aunt/uncle".

5 Birthday Cards for an Uncle

Uncles are often cool father figures who pretty much let you do whatever you want. Here are 5 birthday card ideas ‌for an awesome uncle.

Funky Family - With the words "thank you for not being one of them" on the inside, this card is perfect for the cool uncle you're proud of for being "normal".

picture of a cool donkey

Bad A** Birthday - Is your uncle one of those old school type rockers who looks like they're in Grease? Or maybe he's one of those Hell's Angels types? Maybe he's neither, but he just gives off that vibe.

Regardless, this is a perfect card to wish the uncle you see as a bad a** a happy birthday.

picture of an old man

Old Cowboys - Poke fun at your uncle's age while complimenting him for being that "cool cowboy". I mean, what cowboy isn't cool?

Note: You can personalize this card using your uncle's photo.

Eggs-Box - Is your uncle a gamer? Or maybe the uncle who has too much time on his hands, so he just hangs loose all day? This card would great for wishing your uncle a happy birthday.

Fun Uncle - Some uncles are just better with kids. These uncles tend to be more chill and fun. This birthday card is a good way to show appreciation to the funcle in your life on his birthday.

Birthday Card Messages for Him

Not sure what message to write inside your new birthday card? Here's some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing:

  • Do you plan to start acting your age this year?
  • I just heard a story about your youth. Now I understand why they call it "history".
  • Don't eat too much cake. I heard sugar is bad for people your age.
  • They say love is priceless...

    That's it. Were you expecting something else?
  • What did the finger say to the piano? Keys! *kiss*

There's nothing more special than creating your own personalized message. Reference an inside joke that only the two of you would understand. Round it out with pop culture references you know he would enjoy.

Go the extra mile to compose a meaningful and memorable birthday message to make his day. Match your humor with his taste to make it perfect.

Were these cards a little too sweet? For even more horrible suggestions, check out our curated collection of inappropriate birthday cards

We hope you had a great time looking through our list of 52 birthday cards for him, and that you found the perfect one! Please come back and share their reaction if you end up purchasing a card from this list.

Love you!

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