68 Perfect Greeting Cards for Friends, No Matter the Occasion

A better, healthier, and more memorable life comes surrounding ourselves with great friends who love to laugh. Here are our top 66 picks for greeting cards for friends for every possible occasion.

We've picked each of these cards based on their appeal to friends with a great sense of humor. All of these unique cards are from independent brands, so you won't find anything like them in big-box stores!

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15 Universally Funny Cards for Friends

Here are a handful of lighthearted, hilarious greeting cards for your friends that can be given any time of year.

In this section we're featuring a variety of cards from "thank you" to "thinking of you", all of which serve the purpose of honoring your friendship. Sending any of these lighthearted cards is sure to make your loved one smile.

"Thank you for making the world suck less."

A Whole New World - Life just sucks sometimes, but good friends help make it bearable. Show your appreciation with this heartwarming card.

"If I had a nickel for every time you failed me..."

Disappointment Surprise - Inside is the punchline, "I'd be broke. I can always count on you." You can always count on a good friend — let them know you appreciate it.

Beautiful from Behind available at Ettiene Market - Even though it would usually be given romantically, this is a great card when gifted to the right friend (romantic or not).

Punch a Nazi available at Moon Palace Books - You’d probably be in search of a new friend to replace them shortly after, but they’d “catch a grenade for ya” — figuratively speaking.

Treasure in Trash available at Silver In The City - It’s true - life’s trash sometimes. But we all have those one or two really special people who make it worthwhile.

"It's a vibe every time we link up."

Vibe - You're friends because you always vibe when you're together. We become the people we surround ourselves with, after all.

Glug Glug available at Got Beauty - Champagne doesn’t require a “perfect” occasion.. Like this card, you can have it anywhere, anytime!

Hard On available at South Street Art Mart - Here’s the million-dollar question: which is harder? Life, or… 😉?

Climb Mountains? Available at Stomping Grounds - To a friend who could have been the perfect partner to reach for the stars - if you both could get your buns off the couch.

"I Plan to Aggressively Pursue This Friendship"

Aggressive Pursuit - Have you ever wanted to be someone's friend so badly that you put a lot of effort into winning their friendship? This card says, "Hey I think you're really cool. We should be friends."

Let's just hope they take it the right way 😅


wuzzzzzzzup? - The word made famous by a Budweiser commercial. This iconic line turned into a cultural phenomenon after being parodied by Scary Movie.

A great card for checking in on your friend.

"Thanks for being my bad influence friend."

Bad Influence Friend - Good friends are bad influences... the good kind of bad, of course. For that friend who always gets you to do things you wouldn't normally do for the sake of a good time.

"I totally text you when I'm on the toilet."

On The Toilet - The bathroom is a very private place where you go to do your personal business.

Texting someone while in "the comfort room" means you're comfortable with them... right? 

"This card made me think of us and how we would never do this."

We Would Never Do This Card - We all have that tame friend who keeps us grounded. Send this card to let them know you're spontaneously thinking about them while also being grateful that you don't feel the need to climb Everest together.

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. You got this."

Hepburn - A motivational letterpress card with a quote from the legendary Katharine Hepburn. Sometimes you just need to break some rules to have the best time.

17 Silly Greeting Cards for Best Friends

We reserved these card picks for the best of the best.

Best friends will never leave your side, and these silly greeting cards are sure to make them feel special.

"The hardest part about being your friend..."

Crabby Friends - The punchline, "Is pretending I like my other friends as much as I like you" is on the inside. This heartfelt card is sure to make your best friend feel special.

"Here's to all of our memories..."

Burying the Lede - Inside this quirky card is a picture of the two hamsters from the cover burying a body.

A best friend is one who will keep your darkest secrets, making this an ideal pick for the friend who you trust the most.

Friends For So Long available at Vixen Collection - All that alcohol you’ve shared over the years probably didn’t help…

You Know Too Much available at Addie Rose Boutique - For that friend who knows you just a little too well.

Look at Us available at Crooked Halo - Did you and your best friend want to grow up quickly because you thought adults weren’t bound by rules? Well, unfortunately: you couldn’t have been more wrong!

At least you’re figuring out this confusing world together.

Shiv Someone available at The Revival Boutique - There are friends, and then there are friends… you know?

We Are So Much Fun available at Live Your Damn Life Shop - Where are Rick & Morty when we need them the most?!

Can We Be Friends available at Madame Premier - It’s like all those happy old married couples say: “When you know, you know!” Give this to that other pea in your pod.

That one sounded better in our heads.

Hide The Body available at Period Six - Aww. That’s sweet.

“Officer, it's this one right here!”

Beyond Your Comfort Zone available at Ugly Baby - A friend who pushes you is lovely, but so is someone who slumps down on the couch next to you and stuffs your mouth with whipped cream.

We don't need to be exceptional all the time.

Doesn’t Make Sense available at Nineteen Ten - Life can be confusing, but don't overthink it. It won’t make sense all the time, just like the mermaid on this card.

Healing Vibes available at Shop Chop - It must've been hard (and painful) to push something the size of a watermelon out of you. A perfect card to give someone who went through all of that.

Sending only healing vibes for the bajingo.

Just Had A Baby available at Saradee Boutique - Sure, a baby is one thing to celebrate, but some things are much more worthy of a celebration... such as your friend's first sip of wine after nine long months.

The Main News available at Blue Banana Market - It’s not the first time they’ll be wasted, but their drunk clips will still make for an excellent headline in the group chat.

Pursue This Friendship available at Venus Envy - If they just came into your life but you don’t plan to lose them anytime soon, be blunt with them.


picture of a pie chart

Data is Love - This friendship pie chart shows the science of having a best friend. Show your best friend that your friendship is, without a doubt, 100% the best.

"You are the exclamation point of my life !!!"

Exclamation Point of My Life - Being someone's "exclamation point" is an enormous deal. It means they bring the excitement and vigor into your life.

"We've been friends since..."

Since Our Numbers Were - Did you know the first phonebook was printed in 1878? Just a fun fact... we're not saying your friend is that old.

This hilarious card is perfect for your longtime best friend.

33 Funny Birthday Cards for Friends

Good friends remember each other's birthdays... or at least put a reminder on their calendar. These funny birthday cards are sure to make your friend's birthday even more special.

"Congratulation! You went another year without dying."

Want Some Cake? - Inside the card is a picture of the T-Rex getting squished by the oversized cake from the cover. A subtle reminder that we should live life to the fullest. A perfect pick for that adventurous friend of yours.

"One year closer..."

Party Pooper - Let's hope you'll be hearing party horns and not church bells. An outstanding birthday card for any cynical friend.

Let’s Get Tipsy available at Decade Gifts - A cute but simple way to suggest the best way to celebrate their special day.

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HBD Loser available at TJ’s Treasures - At least the flowers take the edge off just a *little* bit.

Partners In Wine available at Meraki Boutique - The perfect card for your favorite wino.

Yuuuge available at One Strange Bird - A trigger for some, hilarious for others. Gift at your own risk!

Light That Up available at Missy MooMoo’s Boutique - Well… what are you waiting for?!

Did The Math Wrong available at Zing Design and Paperie - The inside reads, “Oops, never mind. I did the math wrong.”

The stakes get a lot higher when “carrying the one” equals adding a decade to your age 😬

No Calories or Bad Decisions available at Silver Maple Market - It’s your day — you make the rules!

We Did This Last Year available at Vix Emporium - Time flies when you’re obligated to give someone a gift!

Doesn’t Really Matter available at Simply Zen - Ain’t that the truth? What matters is what’s inside.

Right mom?! MOM??

So Hot available at The Native One - Aging never goes out of style.

Except for practically every industry that defines things as “in style” or not 😬

Adulted available at Fireweeds - Clean the house? This is the perfect card. Got a promotion? Perfect card. Got out of bed when you didn’t want to?

It’s the perfect card for celebrating every occasion — big or small.

Birthday Fortune available at Nell + Martha’s Vineyard - Better make it worth it! 😜

What’s on The Inside available at Big Sky Soul - Oh, did they think it was inside the card? Of course not, silly. It's what's inside of your heart that matters most!


Unwanted Attention available at Hilarious Humanitarian - Apart from getting older, the worst thing about birthdays is awkwardly standing behind a cake waiting for everyone to finish singing “Happy Birthday”.

Can anyone tell me how to avoid looking like the awkward puppet meme?

"happy birthday, loser."

Happy Birthday, Loser - When friends call each other a loser, it's a form of endearment. We're sure this simple and hilarious card will give them a giggle.


Look Like A Million Bucks available at Philomena and Ruth - Maybe you like cards with profanity, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it. Well… here’s about as close as you can get without droppiing any bombs!

Party Past Our Bedtime available at JV Studios - Let’s just hope we don’t have “old people” aches and pains the morning after.

Your Silver Lining available at Paper - Folk - Let's always look on the bright side: with gray hair comes great discounts at your favorite stores and restaurants.

This Is Gonna Hurt Tomorrow available at The Purple Turtle Arts - Gone are the days of recklessness without physical consequences. It's time to say hello to back patches and knee pads.

No Icing Left available at Soak Lifestyle Boutique - To the friend you thought wouldn’t last another year but lived for a thousand more (not literally, unless they’re Count Dracula).

Nokia Old available at Frog and Toad Store - Hate to break it to you, OG Nokia phone owners, but we’re getting old.. If you have a friend who lived through the “technological stoneage” with you, consider sending them this card for their birthday.

Birthday Tequila available at Madcap and Company - Happy Birthday! Now… where’s the tequila?

"Happy birthday."

A Gift - Yes, that's a mouse with a party hat holding a candle... because you know cats like mice. "I hope you get lots of gifts" is inscribed inside. 

We hope your friend gets what they wanted most.

Coming Out available at Ziya Blue - Who would have thought that coming out of a hoo-ha would be an event that we celebrate every year?

Ugly Cry available at The Good Snail - A birthday guy or gal can do whatever they want on their special day. Send this card to a friend to tell them it's okay to go Kim K. on their birthday.

Casual Acquaintance available at Scout - Is your neighbor, a friend of your friend, or someone you kind of know celebrating their birthday? This card is perfect for conveying an appropriate level of thoughtfulness.

"omg it's another year of best friendship. hbd bff."

Birthday BFF - A vibrant, hand-lettered birthday card to wish your best friend a happy birthday. This is a great card to get your BFF reminiscing about all the good times with you by their side.

Midlife Crisis available at Liz & Lottie - Your friend may gasp in shock the moment she reads this card - but as a good friend, you're just telling them the truth.

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Drawing Presents available at Purr Clothing - Are you too lazy, tired, or busy to get your buddy a present for their birthday? Get them this card instead!

Although we're not sure how they'll take it, at least you were honest.

" In Banana Years You're Bread Birthday Card In Banana Years You're Bread Birthday Card In Banana Years You're Bread Birthday Card In Banana Years You're Bread."

Banana Years - This comical birthday card is an aging pun.

Another fun fact that you didn't request: Older bananas are sweeter, making them perfect for banana bread — even if they've gone black!

Are the birthday cards on this list just not cutting it? Are you looking for something wilder? Check out our Inappropriate Birthday Cards compilation for choices with a bit more... color.

8 Giggle-Worthy Get Well Soon Cards for Friends

Being sick is such a downer, and laughter is the best medicine — it's scientifically proven. We handpicked these ridiculous "get well soon" cards to brighten the heart and relieve stress.

"Some people overcome illness and injury with incredible grace..."

Please Feel Better Soon - Inside is the punchline, "You are not one of them, please feel better soon." The perfect card for your hypochondriac friend.

You’ve Got S**t to Do available at Favor The Kind - It may not be the sweetest “get well” card on the market, but it does its job:

To remind the recipient that they don’t have time for this.

"I hope this card makes you feel less crappy. (if not, you can use it to papercut people who annoy you)"

Papercut - Sometimes sickness makes you grumpy. This silly card (that doubles as a tiny weapon) might just make your friend feel better.

Sometimes all we need is a little levity.

"You may feel a little prick. Get well soon."

Hedgehog Doctor - This cartoon "get well soon" card is a pun on prickly hedgehog spikes. An excellent choice for that friend who's afraid of needles.

"What doesn't kill us makes our drink stronger."

What Doesn't Kill Us - A beautiful letterpress card from Chez Gagné. Getting well after being sick for awhile is cause for celebration.

Give your friend some motivation to get well ASAP.

"I hope you feel better really soon. As a famous doctor once said."

A Famous Doctor Once Said - Ever find it strange that only doctors and their colleagues can make sense of their handwriting?

Involuntary fun fact time: It's said that doctors have bad handwriting from getting used to taking down notes rapidly in medical school.

"Stop milking it and get well soon."

Stop Milking It - Admit it, we've all taken advantage of being sick at least once in our lives. Sometimes it's just nice to rest and be taken care of without having to worry about anything.

"Feel better soon"

Get Well Dogs - This artsy pop-up card full of sick dogs is a nice way to let a friend know you care. Aren't dogs with E-cones just adorable?

Looking for another fun fact? They named pet cones Elizabethan collars after the stand-up collars on women's dresses in the Elizabethan era.

5 Comical Anniversary Cards for Friends

Got a friend's anniversary coming up? Here's a selection of comical anniversary cards for you.

"If I could turn back time.."

Cher a Little More - Inside reads, "I would. You look terrible."

This Cher-inspired card is a hilarious way to remind them to not get so comfortable in their relationship that they stop trying.

"You two are relationship goals."

Relationship Goals - There's always couples that are excessively, remarkably, sort of too much in love, yet you adore it. A quality pick for the couples who have the relationship we all wish for.

"ew, you're in love."

Ew - Sometimes the mushy stuff can be too much. This letterpress card is perfect for that friend who's into PDA.

"It's your anniversary! You two are so natural together that David Attenborough would probably like to film you."

So Natural - Just imagine David Attenborough narrating their life as if it were on Animal Planet. Just not the private bits...

Fun fact time! Sir David has shared that he doesn't love animals, but finds himself fascinated by them. You can use that as a joke within this card, and tell your friends you're simply fascinated by them.

"Awesome pairs"

Awesome Pairs - A cartoon card showing some of the best pairings known to man. Sometimes you never know what goes together perfectly until you see it firsthand.

11 Witty Engagement and Wedding Cards for a Friend

Whether they've just gotten engaged or they're walking down the aisle, we've got you covered.

"For richer, for pooper, in riches, or in health."

Thoughts and Prayers - What do a man and a male praying mantis have in common? 

After marriage... no head.

"Till death do you part" is written inside of this one. A fun way to ease your friend's marriage anxiety.

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers available at Johnny and June - Perfect for those couples who took 8+ years to get engaged!

Requested in The Dance Floor available at Front and Company - Fair warning: these dance moves will be fueled by copious amounts of alcohol, otherwise they will not make an appearance.

Forever Roommate available at The Tree House - We hope they only ever want to kill each other with love.


OMG - A quirky minimalist card that simultaneously (and efficiently!) communicates astonishment and excitement.

Get A Room available at Obscurity Shop - Being the third wheel is no fun, especially when you see them “making eyes” at each other. But on the bright side, you'll probably be the person most excited about the open bar at their wedding! Congratulations!

"You Two Are Disgustingly Perfect for Each Other Congrats."

Disgustingly Perfect - In a world where TV shows and songs are flooded with sappy love stories, sometimes the cheesy stuff gets nauseating.

You've got to admit, though, we all wish for someone who's disgustingly perfect for us.

"You had me at open bar. Happy wedding!"

Open Bar - The best part of a friend's wedding is the buffet and open bar that follows. There's absolutely no reason for you to miss one.

It's not always easy, but we have to consistently show up to support our friends! 😉

"Marriage is like a deck of cards. In the beginning all you need is two hearts and a diamond. In the end you wish you had a club and a spade.

Deck Of Cards - A playfully teasing marriage card for that 2-of-a-kind couple. Can't have rainbows without storms.

pop up of a wedding car

Wedding Car - A beautifully designed pop-up wedding card that captures a quaint moment. Wish them the best as they drive off into the sunset.

Funny Things to Write in a Card for a Friend

If you're having a hard time deciding what to write inside of your new greeting card for your friend, here are some ideas you can use:

  • Don't claim I never do anything for you. Do you know how much work it is for me to even write a few words on a card that I bought?
  • Sometimes life gives me lemons. Sometimes life gives me a friend like you. The universe just keeps souring up my life!
  • We always tell each other our secrets, which is why I need medication.

For Birthdays:

  • Happy birthday! They say gray hair is a sign of wisdom... we really shouldn't believe everything we read.
  • What mathematical equation has an answer that increases and never decreases? The equation of finding out your age.
  • The worst side effect of birthdays is aging.

For Anniversaries:

  • You two are tighter than a pair of skinny jeans.
  • I thank Mark Zuckerberg for reminding me of your anniversary.
  • Happy codependence day!

    For Weddings:

    • Why get married when it's quicker and simpler to jump in front of a bus? I'm kidding! Wishing you both the best.
    • What's the similarity between getting married and going insane? Both need commitment. Congratulations!
    • One bed, one remote, and one bathroom. This happens when two become one. Congratulations on your marriage!

    Thanks for swinging by! We sincerely hope you found the right card for your friend on this list. Let us know below how they enjoyed it, and if you have any suggestions for cards you'd like to see us add to this list.

    Love you!

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