41 Funny Mother’s Day Cards for the First Women of Our Lives

Mothers are quite literally the first person in our lives, and often underrated heroes. We celebrate Mother's Day to honor motherhood and the maternal bond.

We've collected tons of the funniest Mother's Day cards from independent brands to help you say "Happy Mother's Day!" with a bit of personality. These picks are guaranteed to produce a smile and make her day extra special.

12 of the Funniest Mother’s Day Cards

For mothers with a great sense of humor, here are some great Mother's Day cards. These picks are a perfect mix of wit and lighthearted humor that'll make this year's celebration extra special.

"Happy Mother's day. May you forever be mistaken as my sister."

Mistaken Sister - You know moms love it when people think they're siblings with their kids. A youthful face after the stress of raising you is a miracle.

"I love you mom, but please stop with the emojis"

Emoji Mom - Parents love using emojis, and most moms use them quite literally. I mean, isn't that why we created emojis in the first place?

"Mom, last week everyone jumped off a cliff but I didn't go."

Everyone Jumped off a Cliff - Inspired by the famous line, "Would you jump off a cliff if your friends did?" Well, it's time to be proud, mom! "Aren't you proud of me?" is written inside.


"Happy Mother's day. Sorry my siblings are such a disappointment."


Sorry for My Siblings - You both know you're the favorite.

"Happy Mother’s Day. I forgive you for having other children.”

Other Children - Imagine how life would've been if you were the only child. You probably would've grown up in a mansion and sailed on your parent's yacht. Well, whose fault is that?

"Relationship with my mom. The timeline."

Mom Timeline - This "relationship with mom timeline" studied thousands of mothers' relationships with their children.

Okay, that's not true, but some life experiences don't need studied to be recognized as universal truths.

"Not the worst mom."

Not The Worst Mom Card - A floral-themed, sassy Mother's Day card to brighten up your mom's day. If she is not the worst, then she might as well be the best.

"You're the best momager."

Momager - Growing up, a mom really takes the role of managing your life. She sets your appointments, decides what you eat, where to go to school, what chores you should do, what haircut should you have... 

So if there are any photos of you sporting a bowl cut or embarrassing outfit... you know who to blame.

"Mom, I should've listened to you more. Except for that bowl cut in second grade. That was awful."

Should've Listened More - Okay, we got hung up on the bowl cuts.

Moms often give great advice. Maternal instincts bring out their desire for their children to have the best in life... just maybe not fashion advice.

"Mom, thanks for the great genes."

Great Genes - Who's to thank for your good looks? This Mother's Day card is a great pun that'll make mom feel good.

An artist will also hand-write your personalized message inside this particular card.

"Happy Mother's day. What's for dinner?"

What's for Dinner? - This sassy Mother's Day card is a splendid gift that can bring out a hearty laugh from your mom... or a beating.

"Humble mom claims she doesn't want anything for Mother's day. Family calls her bluff, buys gifts anyway."

Humble Mom - Sometimes no means yes. Regardless of whether she's being humble or just not into it, this Mother's Day card will make her day a little brighter.

6 Inappropriate Mother’s Day Cards

Looking for choices that land a bit harder? For the mom who has a great sense of humor, here are a few funny and inappropriate Mother's Day cards that should have her laughing out loud. 

"Happy Mother's day. Thanks mom! Not gonna lie thought, kinda gross."

Thanks Mom - A brilliant Mother's Day card featuring your creation. It's only gross if you think about it.

"Sorry for being the reason you pee a little when you sneeze. Happy Mother's day."

Pee a Little - The condition known as stress incontinence occurs when urine escapes whenever your bladder is under stress, such as coughing, sneezing, or laughing hard. This is a common occurrence after childbirth.

Your mom may pee a little with this hilarious Mother's Day card.

"Sometimes I may be a little sh*t, but I am your sh*t. Happy Mother's day."

Little Sh*t - Isn't sh*t a wonderful, versatile word? It could mean the best, but also the worst. In this case, you're both the best and worst thing that happened to your mom.

"Out of all the v*ginas in the world, I'm so lucky to have squeezed out of yours. Happy Mother's day."

Lucky I Came Out of Yours - From 1960 to 2000, the female population of the world doubled from 1.5 to 3 billion. What are the odds that she'd end up being your mom?

"As far as moms go, you're kind of a b*tch... but you're all I got."

All I've Got - Moms can be a bit too much sometimes. It's what they believe is best for you, but now's your chance to say your piece, dammit.

"Thanks for making such a bad*ss kid."

Bad*ss Kid - Your mom is one of your biggest influences growing up... also the worst of influences. Maybe that's where you learned to be one tough cookie.

6 Saucy Mother’s Day Cards for Your Wife

For the mother of your children, whether you made them or inherited them, we gathered a few funny Mother's Day cards that'll help make her celebrations extra special.

Parenting is difficult, so give her credit for sticking it out with you.

"Happy Mother's day to a woman hotter than this sauce."

Hot Sauce - Here's a spicy Mother's Day card to make your wife's day more special. It just might put her in the mood to become mother to another ;)

"Thank you for letting me nut in you. Happy Mother's day."

In You - You know that's that's the reason that you and her are celebrating Mother's Day in the first place. A hilarious way of saying, "Thanks for making me a dad."

"Happy Mother's day to my wife. (Who isn't my mother but still expects a card and present."

Not My Mother - Old but gold. Are you really obligated to give gifts to anyone else but your own mother?

The answer is yes.

"When the kids are crying non-stop, you burnt the dinner, the dog sh*t inside, and you miss being a hoe."

You'll Always Be - A funny Mother's Day card that brings out nostalgia. Being a mom is tough. It's no surprise that they call it a full-time job.

"After all these years you still haven't smothered me in my sleep... yet. Happy Mother's day."

After All These Years - There's always next year!

"I love being mom's together."

Two Moms - Sometimes, all a kid needs is two mothers. This pick is a great Mother's Day card from a mother to her wife.

2 Perfect Cards for Sons to Wish Mom a Happy Mother's Day

For a son, no one has seen you in your most vulnerable state than your mother. Your mother is also your first mentor.

Here are a few funny Mother's Day cards to make her appreciation day extra special.

"We have the perfect mother and son relationship. You're my mother, I'm perfect."

Perfect Son - Confidence goes a long way. Hey, maybe you got that confidence from your mother.

This silly Mother's Day card makes a charming gift that can put a smile on your mom's face.

"To the woman who taught me everything."

Fold in the Cheese - An amusing Schitt's-Creek-inspired Mother's Day card. This makes a perfect gift for the woman who taught you many things that others couldn't, such as how to fold the broken cheese.

7 Quirky Mother’s Day Cards: From Daughter

A daughter learns everything there is about being a girl from her mother, from her physical workings to emotional development.

Here are a handful of funny Mother's Day cards, from daughter to mother, that will honor your relationship in a unique way.

"Mom, thanks for teaching me how to use a tampon."

Thanks Mom - Moms are usually the first ones who know when the red tide flows. Let her know you appreciate all the things you learned from her that your dad wouldn't know a thing about.

"Like mother, like daughter. Oh sh*t."

Like Mother - As the first female figure in a woman's life, it's no wonder daughters often take from their mothers. Whether that's a good or bad thing is up to you.

"Dear mom, you always ask where in the world did I get this attitude, well home girl... You! Happy Mother's day."

Attitude - As mothers come to be the first mentors, it's not a secret that daughters learn sass from sassy moms. An ideal Mother's Day card to show some gratitude for that attitude.

"Mom, I will always be your financial burden."

Financial Burden - This hilarious Mother's Day card is perfect for saying, "I love you, but I'm going to need some money."

These cards aren't free, you know.

"If it weren't for you, I might have gotten a tramp stamp. Thanks for raising me right."

Tramp Stamp - Whether or not mom is conservative, this is a joke she'll appreciate. Here's to your mom, who has been protecting you since the beginning of time.

"I think me being your daughter is enough of a Mother's day gift. You're welcome."

Best Gift - For the daughter that developed her boldness and confidence from her mother, this makes an outstanding Mother's Day card.

Surely she'll tear up from the pride of having you as her daughter 😅

"Thank you for raising me to be a strong, independent woman (who still needs her mom)."

Independent Woman - We'd all like to believe we're able to become completely independent, but we can never escape that bond between a daughter and her mother.

A perfect card from a mommy's girl.

4 Timelessly Funny Mother’s Day Cards for Grandma

You can't appreciate your mom without appreciating grandma. The things you learn from your mom are most likely passed down from your grandmother (for better or worse).

Here are a handful of Mother's Day cards specifically for the OGs of motherhood.

"Grandma, no matter what life throws at you, at least you don't have ugly grandchildren."

At Least - If you "got it from your momma," then she got it from your grandma. Imagine how proud grandma is to hear the phrase, "You have beautiful grandkids."

...quite literally.

"You're the best grandma. Keep that sh*t up."

Keep it Up - This sweet and explicit Mother's Day card for grandma is a bonus if she's the type that scolds you for using bad words when you were younger.

This gift will either make her day or earn you a scolding.

"Grandma. The woman, the myth, the bad influence."

The Legend - A Mother's Day card for the original legend.

Stories from a world we no longer relate to, the mystery of it, and a little exaggeration make grandma sound legendary.

"Grandma, I love how we don't have to say out loud that I'm your favorite grandchild."


Favorite Grandchild - A cheeky and confident Mother's Day card that's great for making grandma's day.

Don't forget your gift this Christmas, grandma!

4 Cute and Funny Mother’s Day Cards

Some mothers love the cute stuff. We've got a handful of cute and funny Mother's Day cards to add more fun to the celebration.

"Mom! I love you."

Mom! - "Mom! Mommy! Ma! Hi!" A cute twist to that episode on Family Guy. A bonus if your mom is a fan of the show.

"Happy Mother's day. Thanks for puddin' up with me."

Puddin' Up - A simple "thank you" can mean a lot after years of providing womb and board, and "pudding" up with you. Be a little cup of joy for your mom with this cute Mother's Day card.

"Ain't no hood but motherhood."

Motherhood - An ideal choice for the mom who chose the motherHOOD life. This colorful and cartoonish Mother's Day card is guaranteed to make her laugh.

"You're one in the melon. Happy mother's day."

One in a Melon - There's only one out of hundreds of melons who fills the shoes of your mother perfectly. A fitting Mother's Day card for the unique mother figure in your life.

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Father's Day is only a month later. Check out our collection of Funny Father's Day cards for card ideas that celebrate fatherhood.

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