39 Funny Father’s Day Cards for the Father Figure in Your Life

Being a father entails more than just bearing children. Anyone deserving the title of father is a protector, provider, and is always the first to come and last to go when needed.

A father figure is someone who will always be there for you and remain completely loyal regardless of his feelings in the moment.

We've curated a list of 36 of the funniest Father's Day cards to make your dad's celebration extra special. These are the most hilarious, inappropriate, and sweetest picks from independent brands across the internet.

Brace yourself for the ton of puns and dad jokes headed your way.

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18 Universally Funny Father’s Day Cards

Here's a vast selection of funny Father's Day cards for the father figure in your life. These are for your dad, grandpa, uncle, single mom, or anyone else who deserves the title of father.

"Happy Father's day." picture of a car

Oil Change - Fathers often remind their children about car maintenance. Hey, it could save your life.

Best Dad available at Cultured Coast - Well, it’s not like you had a choice — happy Father’s Day anyway!

"Your dad skills are legendary."

Legendary - Many dads learn to be jacks of all trades in order to provide the best for their families. Make sure your father knows that he's legen-daddy.

"Yes, I'm contributing to my 401K."

Investing - Spending your hard-earned money on your family teaches you the true value of saving. Father's recognize this, and may remind you to invest in your retirement.

"Fatherhood, when Siri is the only one who takes you seriously."

Siri - Fathers can be so silly sometimes that it's hard to take them SIRI-ously.

"Dad, thank you for constantly fixing my life and not just with a power drill."

Fixing Life - Many dads are good at fixing things, and it's no secret that they love their power tools. This is a perfect Father's Day card for the father who nails more than mom.

"Dad said. - First part of some kid bullshit."

Dad Said - Kids usually believe whatever their dads say. You know who fed them and idea when the explanation starts with, "But dad says!"

Dad timeline

Dad Timeline - Like real estate, the father-child relationship appreciates over time. Apart from the angsty teen stage, overall appreciation for fathers is usually on an uptrend.

"Best dad, worst jokes."


Best Dad (Worst Jokes) - Dad jokes really are the worst. You always see the punchline coming. They're so corny that... they're actually the best.

"Dear dad, you always ask where the in the world did I get this potty mouth from, well dude... you!."

Dear Dad - Isn't it funny how parents ask their children where they got their traits from? Parents are the greatest influence in their children's lives.

Let your dad know he's your inspiration with this hilarious Father's Day card.

"Dad, I am once again asking for your financial support."

Financial Support - You should probably get your dad in a good mood before asking for money. This Bernie Sanders meme-inspired Father's Day card should do the trick.

"I hope your Father's day is out of this world."

Out Of This World - Wish him an out of this world Father's Day experience with this silly Jeff-Bezos-themed card. You don't need to be a billionaire to reach for the stars... figuratively, of course.

"Dundie world's best dad award."

Dundie Awards - A fun Father's Day card inspired by The Office. In the show, they gave the Dundie Awards for the silliest things. Perfect for a fan of the show.

"I'm so glad we can be friends after all those awful things I said when I was younger. Happy Father's Day."

Dad Friends - No matter how you hurt him, a father will always love and care for you. A father is also a best friend. Make his Father's Day celebration extra special with this lighthearted card.

"World's greatest farter. I mean father."

Greatest Farter - Most kids grow up with their father nonchalantly farting around them, making dad fart jokes pretty common. If that's your dad, give him the trophy he deserves the most.

"Pops you're #1"

Pops #1 - A hilarious card that'll get your dad excited before he sees the punchline. This is a great choice for giving your dad a chuckle.


"Dad, last week everyone jumped off a cliff but I didn't go."

Jumped off a Cliff - Parents love to use the, “If all of your friends jumped off a cliff, would you jump too?” line. Tell him how proud he should be that he raised you right.

"Dad thank you for loving me for who I am."

For Who I Am - A cheerful and colorful rainbow-themed Father's Day card. This is an ideal Father's Day gift for the dad that accepts you regardless of who you love.

"Sometimes the best dads are called mom."

Single Mom - A beautiful Father's Day card made for the solo mom who takes on both roles of parenting. The only silver lining is that she gets celebrated on both holidays.

8 Appreciative Funny Father’s Day Cards - from Daughter

"Every girl needs her father" is more than just a sentimental quote. A father's influence goes beyond her youth.

A daughter learns what a good relationship with a man is like from her dad, and so much more. Here are some funny Father's Day cards from daughter to father.

"Happy Father's day. Sorry about all the Tupperware I promise to return but never do."

All the Tupperware - Why did the Tupperware break out of prison?

Because they could not container.

From a female-founded brand, this hilarious Father's Day card should give your dad a hearty laugh.

No Fee ATM available at Fleurish Grounds - He pays the fees so you don’t have to!

Things That Matter available at Mimi and Red - All of the things that matter… and probably a little bit more.

Financial Burden available at The Tiny Closet Boutique - Have a dad that’s bailed you out a time or two (or… 437?). Then this one’s sure to give him a chuckle.

"You're my dad and it's Father's day."

You're My Dad - If you have a great relationship with your dad and he has a good sense of humor, this obvious Father's Day card will probably make his day.

Obligatory Father’s Day Card available at RSVP Notes - Got an old man who’s handy with cars assembling IKEA furniture without having an existential crisis, etc.? Then this option is the perfect fit for any Father’s Day.

"If it weren't for you, I might have gotten a tramp stamp."

Tramp Stamp - While most people no longer see lower-back tattoos as "trashy," your dad might find this Father's Day card amusing.

"Like father like daughter."

Like Father Like Daughter - Children often mimic their parents' behavior.

The first recorded instance of this phrase is in the title of Suzanne Fields’ 1983 book, which illustrates an insightful analysis of a father's influence on his daughter.

Another fun fact: the original phrase "Like mother, like daughter" was first found in Ezekiel 16:44. Bet you didn't expect that tidbit from us!

6 Witty-Humor Father’s Day Cards - from Son

A father is an important figure in his son's development. Sons often look for their fathers for emotional and physical security.

A son's definition of masculinity and manhood is often influenced by his dad. Here's a selection of funny Father's Day cards from son to father.

"I think me being your son is enough of a gift."

Enough of a Gift - A playful and colorful Father's Day card that spells out sass. If you think about it, you're the reason he celebrates Father's Day.

Dad Jokes and Farts No More available at Body Factory - “NO, DAD. YOU PULL MY FINGER!” 

You Inspire Me available at Just Fabulous - You may have grown taller, but you'll always be looking up to dad.

"Happy Father's day from the best son in the world."

Best Son in the World - As with farts, only you can tolerate your own child. This Father's Day card oozes confidence, and will surely make your dad proud.

"Happy Father's day dad, We have the perfect father-son relationship. You're my father and I'm perfect."

Father-Son Relationship - To be fair, if you're perfect, then your dad played a big role in you becoming so. This is a perfect Father's Day card for the man who made you so perfect.

"Dad, now that I'm a father too, I finally understand what I put you through and I just have to ask you one question..."

One Question - Inside reads, "How did you survive raising a teenager? Happy Father's Day."

An ideal Father's Day card from a son who's now experiencing fatherhood himself.

5 Heartwarming Funny Father’s Day Cards - from Wife

Raising children is no small feat. Express your gratitude by making the Father's Day celebration extra special. Here are some funny Father's Day cards for your husband and the father of your children.

"Happy Father's day to the best partner I could ever ask for."

Best Partner - They say it takes two to raise a child. Imagine working two full-time jobs without your partner's support: raising a child while working to pay the bills.

"Happy Father's day! Also, nice butt."

Nice Butt - That nice butt probably played a big role in making you two parents. A cute and fun Father's Day card that's guaranteed to make your husband's day.

"You're doing such an incredible job with this dad stuff."

5-Star Father - There's no formula for being a good parent. It's an art form that blends experience and creativity to nourish and support your children.

"Honey, I've booked the baby sitter. Let's celebrate Father's day at home."

Booked the Baby Sitter - Get your baby daddy in the mood with this frisky Father's Day card. Go the extra mile and get a baby sitter for this special occasion.

"Happy Father's day from the bump."

From The Bump - An ideal Father's Day card for a first-time father-to-be. Wish him a happy Father's Day from both of you.

5 Clever Step Dad Father’s Day Cards

Sometimes, someone who would have otherwise been a stranger becomes a father figure.

Whether through adoption or through marriage, anyone can earn the title if they're always there for you. Here are some funny step dad Father's Day cards to make your father figure feel like a true hero.

"Even though it's not genetic. I hope you know you've always been a dad to me."

Even Though It's Not Genetic - A sweet and lighthearted Father's Day card that's beautifully designed. Genetics aren't the only path to fatherhood.

"Happy Father's day to an amazing step-dad. Thanks for putting up with my mom."

Step-Dad - A special Father's Day card for the man who treats your mom right. Let him know he's accepted into the role of father.

"Happy Father's day from the child you inherited when you shacked up with my mother."

Inheritance - quirky Father's Day card for the man who inherited you through marriage. Make him feel welcomed into the family on this special day.

"I'm glad you stepped into my life."

Stepped Into My Life - This punny card makes a great Father's Day gift for your step dad. If there are dad jokes, surely there are step dad jokes as well.

"Even though I'm not from your sack. I know you still have my back."

Not From Your Sack - For the last pick on this list, go all out in showing appreciation for your step dad. This inappropriate Father's Day card is sure to make him snarf.

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