44 Hard-To-Find Funny Wedding Cards for Friends, Family, & More

Weddings are an important milestone in our lives.

Technically speaking, a wedding ceremony is a declaration of the couple's marriage vows that binds them in a marital contract.

Ideally, we marry the love of our life as an expression of our commitment.

Is there a couple in your life with a good sense of humor who are about to get married? Or maybe you were too late for the celebration and missed it?

We've collected the funniest wedding cards available from all across the internet just for this occasion — enjoy!

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14 Witty / Funny Wedding Cards

Here are some of the overall funniest wedding cards that are perfect for a couple with a good sense of humor, regardless of whether they're family or just friends.

"For richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health..."

Thoughts and Prayers - Ideally, marriage only ends when the bride or groom passes on from this world.

This witty wedding card pokes fun at the forever lovers. Inside reads "Till death do you part" along with a partially-eaten praying mantis where the groom once laid.

Not Alone Anymore available at Gray Inspired Boutique - …unless their spouse dies first! In which case they’re probably still going to die alone. What a beautiful card! 😅

Binding Weirdness available at Larissa Loden - They say "opposites attract," but sometimes it’s just the… opposite. May their common weirdness keep them together as long as they both shall live.

Another Wedding available at Greenwich Letterpress - Maybe you’ve been to enough weddings this year. Maybe you just don’t want to find another wedding gift. Or… or...

Maybe it’s not a very enjoyable reminder of how single you are.

Whole Love Thing available at Recreation Gifts - Not everyone is lucky enough to find love in this lifetime, but if someone you know has, wish them congratulations using this card.

"Congrats on your first marriage!"

First Marriage - Getting married isn't just something you jump into. There's a lot of time, money, and emotion invested into it. Here's jovial card to tease the newlyweds.

Let's hope it isn't foreshadowing.

"Marriage: 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended."

5 Stars - Getting married is a really fun thing to do. You get to spend time with members of two families, enjoy delicious catering, and party into the night.

5 out of 5: would definitely do it again.

"Congratulations to the hap-pea couple."

Peas In A Pod - A punny wedding card to wish the newlyweds a hap-pea married life. Some of the happiest couples are the ones who have a lot in common.

"Congratulations on making it ofishial"

Making it Offishial - There are many fish in the sea, but these two are
offishially" off the market.

Out of the sea and into... the fishbowl of married life.

"Congratulations on your wedding and a lifetime of disagreements."

A Lifetime - All married couples encounter disagreements. It's bound to happen when two become one. With understanding and patience, it shouldn't be too hard to overcome them.

"You're getting married!!!!!!"

You're Getting Married - A wedding is definitely something to look forward to with excitement. A quirky wedding card that says "OMG" and shares your elation.

"You two are killing it at this whole love thing."

Killin' It At Love - There's no such thing as a perfect couple, but some come close. A lighthearted wedding card that recognizes the special connection between the newlyweds.


Husband and Right - A hilarious card to wish the husband and the wife a great life together. Here are the two secrets to a long and happy marriage:

  1. Your wife is always right.
  2. Whenever you think she's wrong, see step 1.
"I thought you two were already married."

Already Married - Some couples are just so natural together that you forget they're not yet married. A lighthearted wedding card that'll make them go "aww."

15 Hilarious Wedding Cards for Friends

Having trouble finding the perfect wedding card for your good friend? We've got several hilarious wedding cards that he or she will love.

Make their wedding even more memorable with these great picks.

"Marriage - an endless sleepover with your favorite weirdo."

Marriage - Marriage is essentially the longest sleepover you'll ever have in your life... except during those times you're fighting. Then you might be couch surfing.

This is perfect for that couple who have a long history of friendship.

Holy Sh*t, Congratulations available at beautybar - Is one of your best cuss-buddies getting married? Then this may be just the card you’re looking for.

Ringed available at Pantastic - She may have racked up more rides than a merry-go-round, but you’re probably glad to see her tie the knot.

Even if it means less nights out for you.

Marriage and Drinks available at Little Blue Canoe - If you're a bridesmaid or a groomsman at your friend's wedding, your duty doesn’t end with the ceremony. Chances are you'll be at the open bar emptying bottles and tearing up the dancefloor later.

Unique Wedding Gift available at CouCou Sentiment - This card’s particularly perfect if you know it’s a shotgun wedding ;)


Work Out available at Corazon - You really do hope their marriage works out, right?

Or are you just glad there’ll be an open bar?

Sorry I’m Laughing available at Delish General Store - We all have that friend who can't have their name and the word purity in the same sentence. If their wedding is coming up, give them fair warning by sending them this card.

Super Angry available at Domestic Domestic - Marriage is full of surprises. This card offers excellent marriage advice for your friend. If it ever comes to this, they’ll either:

Turn that frown upside down! Or…

End up running for their lives.

"You had me at open bar."

Open Bar - A fun letterpress card to mark the special occasion. One thing to look forward to at your friend's wedding is the open bar. It's a great way to catch up and bond with your friends, and make some new ones!

Getting Married available at Flamingo Boutique - Nothing describes married life better than the ol’ ball and chain, but we’re not try to frighten anyone!

We just want to extend our congratulations and best of luck.

"Till death do you party."

Party - Being married is a celebration of your love. This celebration is meant to last until you move on from this world. Let the good times roll.

"You two are disgustingly perfect for each other. Congrats."

Disgustingly Perfect - Some couples are just so overflowing with passion that they sometimes forget that bother people can see them.

An ideal comical wedding card for the newlyweds who can be just too much.

"Marry, f*ck, kill,. You made a great choice."

Marry F*** Kill - This silly wedding card is reminiscent of a game that friends used to play. Congratulate your friend for making a brilliant choice.

The bonus is that this choice leads to one (or sometimes both!) of the other options 😅

"Congratulations on your life sentence. I mean marriage."

Life Sentence - Marriage can either feel like a voluntary commitment or a life sentence, depending on the situation. A hilarious wedding card to tease your friend on his or her special day. 

"So I'm guessing this is pretty serious."

Pretty Serious - A sassy wedding card for a friend who you didn't expect would get married. It's definitely serious now.

7 Gleefully Gay Wedding Cards

For any wedding with two grooms or two brides, we have a handful of funny gay wedding cards to bring glee to the newlyweds.

Whether it's for Mr. and Mr. or Mrs. and Mrs., these wedding cards go the extra mile to make them smile. 

"Cheers queers!"

Cheers Queers - A wedding celebration makes everyone happy and gay. Why not propose a toast and "cheers to the queers"?

Big Gay Wedding available at Atlas General Store - Perfect for any gay or lesbian couple that’s celebrating being stuck together forever.

"Congratulations Mr. & Mr."

Mr. & Mr. - This stylish card is for the newlywed gentlemen.

Did you know? In same-sex wedding ceremonies, they usually say, "You may seal your vows with a kiss." Or, "You may now kiss your partner."

"Mrs. & Mrs."

Mrs. & Mrs - A simplistic and bold wedding card for the new Mrs. and Mrs..

Who walks down the aisle first in same-sex marriages? The answer is completely up to the couple.

"congrats you gays!"

Congrats You Gays - A gleeful wedding card for the gays on their special day. We hope everyone at the celebration is happy and gay.

"May you both not have your periods on your wedding day."

May You Both Not Have Your Periods - This one pretty much explains itself!

"To the happy homos"

Happy Homos! - A playful birthday card for the gay newlyweds. Simple but effective in honoring their special bond.

5 Clever Belated Wedding Cards

Whether you missed or forgot the wedding, it's highly recommended you send them a late greeting. Better late than never!

So Belated - If you're going to be late, you might as well add some humor to it. This whimsical yet sincere belated wedding card should do the trick.

"Let's just pretend this card is on time."

Let's Just Pretend - Why can't we? It'd be more fun.

A comical card that's guaranteed to create a smile. Who could be disappointed with that?

One Year Rule - If it's within a year, you're not late! This witty wedding card should get you a free pass.

Snail Mail - You can always blame it on the snail mail.

Snails may be slow, but they get to where they're going... eventually.

Late for the Party - The best card to give if you're so late that you'd rather wait a full year and kind of be on time. You should at least get an 'A' for wit.

6 Humorous Wedding Cards for Your Fiancé

Here's a bonus for you if you're planning to get married in the near future.

Everyone will hear your wedding vows, but a wedding card is meant just for your future spouse.

When writing inside this card, you can be as personal as you want to be. Here are some funny wedding cards for you to give to your humor-loving fiancé on your special day.

"I cannot wait to marry you today."

I Cannot Wait - Let your spouse know you're excited for your wedding and the consummation. That'll set the mood!

"Our forever starts now. See you at the altar."

See You at the Altar - It's "forever" after your wedding day. A lighthearted card to show your commitment. Keep those feet warm.

"So you legally have to be nice to me forever."

Legally - It's not the only legal obligation you'll have, but you can worry about that later. After all, you have forever.

Spoiler Alert available at Social Revelry - Forever is a really long time. There's no turning back now!

"So... how's about we get married later?"

Get Married Later? - A quirky wedding card for your spouse that sums up the anxiety you might be feeling. Just keep it cool and you'll get through this together.

"I love you to the moon and back, baby!"

To the Moon & Back - This wedding card oozes confidence in your commitments. An ideal pick for a love that'll last a lifetime.

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Let us know if you come across any cards that would be a great addition to this list! We hope you had a great time, and we appreciate you stopping by.

Love you!

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