34 Funny Graduation Cards For College / High School Grads in Your Life

"Graduate" comes from the word gradus, which means "step". Graduation ceremonies are an acknowledgement that the student has passed the academic requirements and is ready to move onto the next step. That's a milestone worth celebrating. 

We compiled this list of the funniest graduation cards to help you make the graduate's day extra special. Each card has been individually picked from independent brands and is perfect for those with a good sense of humor.

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14 of the Funniest, Prettiest, and Wittiest Graduation Cards on the Internet

Graduations are big milestones in our lives. Here are some of the funniest and prettiest graduation cards that we could find to make the celebration even more special.


Colorful Congrats - When a simple "congratulations" just isn't enough. Mix in some festive graphics and you've got a perfect graduation card.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough available at Blackwater - For that grad who’s always reaching for increasingly higher heights — introduce them to their spirit animal: the trash panda.

You Actually Did It available at Serendipity Beaufort - For that grad who proved everyone wrong.

Great Student Loan Debt available at Mongrel - *sobs endlessly*

Adult Later available at Bring Something To The Party - They’re going to do it with or without your permission, so you might as well let them know you’re in on the secret!

"You got this."

You Got This - Many possible paths open up after graduation. It can be overwhelming, but a little encouragement goes a long way.

"Yay! You did it."

Yay! You Did It - Did you know that biting medals was a way to test their authenticity? Try it out and let us know your favorite metal flavor.

"Super high fives."

Super High Fives - The sky is the limit. This is a great graduation card to give to the graduate who strives for excellence.

"F*ck yeah! You adulted!"

You Adulted - Graduating is one of our first and clearest "adulting" moments. Here's the perfect card to make the new grad's day.

"You did it grad!"

Foam Finger - A high school student created the first ever foam finger in 1971 for basketball finals. The inside of this card reads, "So proud of you! Congratulations!"

"You're on fire. Just like this planet."

You're on Fire - This sassy card is a great way to let them know they're killing it... with the whole school thing, of course. This plantable biodegradable card is an ideal pick for the eco-conscious planeteer.

"D*mn, I am so proud of you."

I'm So Proud of You - A clean, minimalist card printed on a vintage printing press. This makes a nice gift to show how proud you are of the graduate.

"I am soooo f***ing proud of you!"

Proud of You - If loud and colorful is more your style, this card's a perfect fit. This card exudes your admiration for the graduate and should help make their day special.

"You just graduated? Ha, Haha, Hahahaha... hahahaha, haaaahaha oh wow...Sorry, I meant to say "Congrats!""

Grad Laugh Card - This one's dripping in sarcasm. You can use it as foreshadowing for life after graduation.


Congrats Frame - An eye-catching congratulatory card with vibrant colors that makes a good graduation gift companion. May their special day be just as glowing and radiant as this card.

"Slow and steady as they say."

Slow and Steady - Slow and steady wins the race. It's better to not rush than to burn out quickly. This card is a funny joke for the person who took "the scenic route" towards graduation.

7 High School Graduation Cards

That kid is officially an adult, ready to head out into the world. Here we have some funny high school graduation cards that'll make the celebration more memorable. 

"You did it! Now walk across that stage in your weird hat and wizard robe into your future."

Weird Hat and Robe - Ever wonder why graduation caps and robes look like something out of a fantasy film? It actually originated from what the clergy wore in 12th century Europe when the first universities were founded.

"You are fundamentally a mathematician."

Fundamental Theorem of Calculus - Why is calculus taught in high school? Well, it's to prepare them for further studies in other fields. Unless they plan to work in an unrelated field... at least we'll know that they're smart enough to pass the class.

"Straight outta high school."

Straight Outta High School - A fresh graduation card for the fresh graduate. This NWA-inspired graduation card lets them know they're cool and not, as the kids would say, "cheugy".

"Congratulations! You graduated just to go back to school again."

Back to School - Do they have college plans? Then here's the perfect graduation card pick for you. The learning never stops.

"Congrats on your graduation. M can't wait to interview you."

McDonald's is Waiting - This sassy graduation card will have them bursting out laughing or hurling something at you from across the room.

"Congratulations on living up to the basic expectations for people your age."

Basic Expectations - Here's another cheeky card to get them laughing. "You're special," they said. "You can graduate from high school," they said.

Just as special as the millions of others who graduate from high school each year.

"I'm so sorry you graduated high school."

Sorry You Graduated - This graduation card pretty much sums up life after high school. It can't be all fun and games. They'll definitely appreciate their childhood more once they find out how demanding adult life is.

7 College Graduation Cards

College is tough. For the ones who were smart enough to graduate from college, here are some funny graduation cards that'll help make this an unforgettable milestone in their lives.

"Wow your liver made it through college! This calls for a drink."

Grad Drink - Studying sure is stressful. Where there's a lot of stress, there's a lot of stress relief. What better way to celebrate graduating from college than with a drink?

“Tell me you’ve just gone into crippling debt without telling me you’ve just gone into crippling debt. Happy graduation.”

Crippling Debt - Student loan forgiveness sure would help these fresh grads and give them more to look forward to... but here's $100 instead. 

"After years of busting your ass in college you're about to realize that adulthood is just googling "How do I ________?" But congrats on that degree!"

Google Degree Card - These days, we can find almost anything on the internet for free. But hey, at least they received a special piece of paper to hang on the wall!

"You got 99 problems but a degree ain't one."

99 Problems - Now the fresh grad and Jay-Z have something in common. They don't have to worry about a college degree. Sure, Jay-Z never finished college, but I doubt that's ever going to be a problem for him.

"Congratulations. The master now I am."

Yoda Masters Degree - With Baby Yoda being all the rage, this cute Baby Yoda themed graduation card is a great choice for the one graduating with a master's degree. "Pass on what you have learned, you must."

"While everyone was busy getting an STD, you were busy getting a PhD. Congrats."

Busy Getting a PhD - A hilarious graduation card that's perfect for that bookworm who spent most of their time studying rather than partying.

"You did it!"

Thesis Casualty - This is an actual representation of grad students after the completion of their thesis. They could definitely use a congratulations after all of their hard work.

6 "Congratulations" Graduation Cards

It takes hard work and creativity to graduate. Want to say congratulations in a creative way? We've got several funny congratulations graduation cards lined up for you that'll do the trick.

"Congrats, you did it! but so have other people. Just sayin."

Just Saying - Congratulate and let them know they're special, but not that special with this cheeky card. 

"We get it, you're smart. Congratulations."

Smart - Nothing pleases a graduate more than having their intellect acknowledged. Let them have their day with this sassy graduation card.

"Congratulations. I love that journey for you."

Graduation Journey - A creative, funny graduation card that lets them know how excited you are for them. Oh em gee, they're going so many places.

"Bullseye! You have hit the mark. Congratulations graduate!"

Bullseye! - This 3D pop-up card is a bullseye 10 out of 10 times.

"Who who turned out to be a clever little f***er. Congratulations."

Clever F***er - This sassy graduation card is a great way to say "I never doubted you!" We guarantee the card will make that clever little... grad's day.

"Such congrats. Much grad."

Much Grad - Inspired by Kabosu, the famous Shiba Inu. The new graduate is sure to appreciate these kind words from the famous doge.

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