34 Uplifting & Funny Get Well Cards to Brighten the Mood

Getting sick or injured is part of life. A healthy person will typically only get sick once or twice a year, which strengthens their immune system. What doesn't kill us definitely makes us stronger.

We've curated a list of the funniest get well cards from independent brands below. These picks are sure to bring some brightness to loved ones who are feeling a bit under the weather.

12 of the Funniest Get Well Cards

They say laughter's the best medicine. In fact, it reduces symptoms of stress and, in doing so, boosts your immune system.

Here are the funniest get well cards to help those under the weather feel better.

"Some people overcome illness and injury with incredible grace."

Please Feel Better Soon - Some humans are resilient and graceful when sick. Others, however... not so much. We all know that person whose world is ending every moment of illness or injury.

The punchline, "You are not one of them. Please feel better soon" is written inside.

Bad Days available at Manic - Snail - I mean, objectively, there’s no truer card on this list.

Thought You Were Faking It available at Aide Bodycare - We all know someone who’s constantly talking about aches, pains, and problems that never develop into anything serious.

But every once in a while, the “boy (or girl) who cried wolf” turns out to actually be under the weather. When that day comes, this is your card.

"This is a get well soon card."

This Is a Get Well Soon Card - Just in case they're wondering why they're getting a card. This neatly-made letterpress card is a fun way to give them a much-needed smile.

"Life is tough but so are you."

Life Is Tough - Stress is bad for our health. A little confidence boost goes a long way, especially if they're stressed about being sick. This is a great way to tell them to hang in there, and show them that you care.

"Get well now please."

Get Well Now - When you want them to get well as soon as possible. This colorful and... somewhat disturbing (for some reason?!) get well card is guaranteed to make the person receiving forget, even if just for a moment, that they're not feeling so well.

"Get well soon. I don't have time for your nonsense."

Get Well Nonsense - Sometimes you've got to rush your way to health. This card is a sassy way to tell them that you care... but they better get well STAT.

"Maybe chocolate will help?"

Maybe Chocolate Will Help? - Each of these sweet get well cards comes with a bar of sea salt caramel dark chocolate. Dark chocolate has some health benefits, but even if it doesn't make them any healthier, this tasty reprieve is sure to make them feel better.

“Are you sure it’s not just a hangover? Get well soon.”

Hangover - Have you ever had so much to drink that you can't tell if you're sick because of the night before or if you've actually caught something? This hilarious get well card is perfect for those who like to party.

"Get well soon. I know you're not sick. I just think you can be better."

You Can Be Better - Be honest, we've all faked illness to get out of something at least once in our lives. This sarcastic card is ideal for the person who likes to play sick to weasel out of prior commitments at the last minute.

"I got you a get well card. Regular diseases haven't been getting much attention lately."

Not Coronavirus - During the pandemic, COVID has been in the headlines so often that people immediately assume you're COVID positive if you get sick. This humorous get well card is a good match for those who just have "regular" sickness.

"Feel better soon. Eat well, drink fluids, and exorcise."

Exorcise - We tend to look dead when we're sick. This hilarious "The Exorcist" inspired card is a great way to encourage them to eat well, hydrate, and "exorcise" their way back to health.

3 COVID Get Well Cards

We've survived this strange and crazy pandemic. Sadly, it's still not completely over. Here are a few funny COVID get well cards that perfectly sum up the pandemic.

"Get well soon! I'm sure it's nothing a little bleach or disinfectant can't get rid of. Believe me!"

Believe Me! - Love him or hate him, can't deny the fact that this was a pretty big gaffe. This hilarious Donald Trump inspired get well card is guaranteed to brighten up their day regardless of their political beliefs.

"Sorry I gave you the Rona."

Sorry I Gave You the Rona - A cute and lighthearted get well card to give to that person you passed the virus onto.

"Sorry that you got COVID when it was no longer fashionable."
No Longer Fashionable - As we inch towards post-pandemic life, the virus isn't as widespread as before. This humorous get well card is great for letting them know they're a little late to the party.


3 Get Well Soon Cards for After Surgery

Surgeries are tough but often necessary. Healing can take a while, so it's good to know there are people wishing you a speedy recovery.

We have a few funny get well soon cards to help with that post-surgery recovery.

"Well, comfortable and pain-free and... wait... is that beer?"

Beer Drip - Being sedated is one of the best parts of post-surgery. Wouldn't it be nice if you kept the buzz during recovery?

"Scars are hot."

Scars Are Hot - This lighthearted and sweet get well card is a nice way to boost their much needed post-surgery confidence.

"You have three knees; your left knee, your right knee, and your wee-nie. Let's hope they replace the correct one."

Three Knees - Ever feared a surgical mixup? This hilarious get well card should give any post-surgery male a good chuckle.

5 Funny "Heart Attack" Get Well Cards

Stress takes a toll on the heart, while laughter does wonders, and even reduces the risk of heart attack.

We have several funny heart attack get well cards to highlight the bright side that they survived, and to help strengthen the heart using some much-needed humor.

"Have you tried turning it on and off again?"

Restart - The first step of basic troubleshooting is to restart the device. Unfortunately, this can't be done with human organs.

"Heartly a joking matter, but I'm glad you didn't miss a beat."

Heartly A Joking Matter - This punny get well card will have them bursting out laughing. Help them keep a positive attitude, and it might just help keep their heart healthy too.

"The beat goes on. Get well soon."

The Beat Goes On - This colorful lighthearted get well card makes an excellent gift for a heart attack survivor. As the beat goes on, so does life.

"I survived."

I Survived - If this is what your heart attack looked like, someone should call 911 so that they can make a "cardiac arrest".

"Annnd I'm back."

I'm Back - Back from the dead, are we? This fun get well card makes a lovely welcome back gift for any heart attack survivor.

4 Encouraging Cancer-Themed Get Well Cards

Cancer is no laughing matter, but laughter helps the body's capacity to eliminate cancer cells.

Humor makes excellent medicine. Here we have a few funny cancer get well cards to brighten up the mood and help fight cancer.

"Cut out and use whenever you need to pull the card."

Cancer Card - A cancer card within in a cancer card. This makes a fun gift for anyone who's fighting cancer.

"Absolutely radiant."

Radiant - This witty get well card is a perfect gift for someone who's currently in the middle of chemo. Let them know they're "glowing".

"Grabbing cancer by the nuts."

By the Nuts - Sometimes, you just have to fight dirty and grab your opponent by the nuts. Let them know you support whatever they need to do to get healthy.

"Chemo cocktails should come with gin & a lime wedge."

Chemo Cocktails - The occasional drink while going through chemotherapy shouldn't affect the results. It'll certainly help ease the stress here and there. Just check with your doctor first, of course.

4 Endearing Get Well Cards for Cat Lovers

They say cats have nine lives. Unfortunately, humans only have one.

We have a number of funny cat-themed get well cards lined up for you. These picks are a bonus for cat lovers.

"Hope you're feline better soon."

Feline Better - A punny get well card to make their day. You even have the option to have the card come with a chocolate bar, or mini bars, or a bottle of wine that you won't find in supermarkets.

"Here are some cats to make everything better."

Cats Make Everything Better - A perfect get well card for the biggest cat lover. More of a good thing just makes everything better.

"Be healed."

Be Healed - Don't you wish cats could give us one of their nine lives? Let's be honest, though — they probably wouldn't even if they could.

"Meow are you? Hope you get well soon."

Meow Are You? - Here's another punny get well card for cat lovers. A special way to check up and wish them a speedy recovery.

5 Thoughtful Get Well Cards for Dog Lovers

Dogs are some of the sweetest companions, so we've selected some of the best funny dog-themed get well cards for you.

Just like man's best friend, these cards are sure to relieve their stress and improve their health.

"At Least You Don't Have to Wear a Cone!"

At Least You Don't Have to Wear a Cone! - Did you ever wonder how dogs feel about cones? They don't understand what it is or what it's for. At least we understand why we get sick and why we need treatment.

"Sit stay heal."


Sit Stay Heal - If only it were that easy. This cute get well card will no doubt touch the recipient's heart. Who's a good boy/girl?

"Let that sh*t go. Namuttste."

Namuttste - Meditation can do wonders for your health. Sometimes you really need to just let all the sh*t go.

This punny get well card makes for a glorious reminder to let go of negativity.

"You'll get well soon. Trust me. I'm a dogtor."

Dogtor - The face of a true professional. Seriously, who wouldn't trust a dogtor? No need for a second opinion.

"I heard you're feeling pawly. Get well soon."

Feeling Pawly - Here's one more punny get well card that's a furfect gift for the person you know who's having a ruff day. Remember, pawsitivity is good for their health.

Thank You for Swinging By!

Thank you for checking out our list of funny get well cards! Let us know if you found the perfect card to give to the loved one you had in mind, or if you have any suggestions.

We wish you good health in these challenging times. Always remember that health is the real wealth. Stay safe out there.

Love you!

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