37 Exceptionally Funny Christmas Cards: Best of 2022

It's often said that Christmas is the season of giving.

The holidays are a time when we let go of negative feelings and enjoy family and friends... at least in theory. Whatever you believe, one thing's for sure: Christmas is a time when we get to have fun, and it's an opportunity to make great jokes.

We've scoured the internet for the most hilarious Christmas cards from independent brands.

Spread the holiday cheer with these cheeky picks.

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21 Outrageously Funny Christmas Cards

This section features several outrageously funny Christmas cards for anyone. These are sure to bring a huge smile to family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues.

What better way to spread the Christmas cheer than by spreading laughter?

"Jingle hell, mingle hell, in-laws on the way."

Jingle Hell - We've all heard stories of those in-laws from hell. Some of us even live it. Regardless of your relationship with your in-laws, this card makes a great joke.

Nothing For You available at Carver Junk Company - …it’s better than a lump of coal?

Naughty Santa available at Curated Home Decor - If they were expecting cole… this is so much worse!

What A Year available at Gallery Boom - Thank God another one’s behind us. Hopefully next one will be a bit easier.

You Donkey available at Boozetique - Said with love, of course!

Play Dead available at Friends NYC - Some of the best advice I’ve ever seen printed on a holiday card.

Does My A** Look Fat available at Vegas Fine Pens and Gifts - What DOESN’T your a** look fat in, Santa?! YOU’RE A VERY LARGE MAN.

The Naughty List available at Zhush Modern - And that’s where the party REALLY gets started 😎

Shopping Days available at Arrae - Lay it out there for the whole world to see: I have no idea who you are anymore, brother / mother / father / sister / anything-in-law / (insert your difficult-to-shop-for loved one here).

Resolutions? Available at Go Brazen - You eat all those godd**n Christmas goodies. We both know that “Santa” isn’t going to.

A Little Bit Alexis available at Shoefly Buffalo - Wish the Schitt’s Creek fan in your life a Christmas that’s just a little bit Alexis.

F*cking Reindeer On It available at MADE Jackson Hole - If we’d designed this card, the artwork would probably be disturbingly literal.

Lucky for you, we didn’t, buuuut it’s still far from “innocent”.

Fa - La - La - La available at West on Main - Elf on the Shelf HAS HAD ENOUGH.


All I Want for Christmas available at Red Ribbon - Santa’s a pretty tough male model to follow, gentlemen.

Is this really too much to ask?

"This isn't a picture of my family. Happy holidays and you're welcome."

This Isn’t a Picture of My Family - Ever wonder how that tradition even started? This Christmas card is a fun choice to send to your neighbors, co-workers, or friends.

"Does this ugly Christmas sweater hide my holiday disdain."

Ugly Sweater - Holiday hating makes for funny jokes, but secretly, we all love the holidays. But what's with the Christmas sweater tradition?

One thing's for sure, almost all Christmas sweaters are so distracting that they'll hide holiday disdain.

"“The only time of the year in which one can sit in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of a sock.”"

Christmas Definition - Imagine trying to explain this to anyone who doesn't know what Christmas is. It's a really strange strange, but it is fun!

"Have a basic Christmas."

Basic Christmas - 'Tis the season to grab your pumpkin spice latte and spread some basic holiday cheer. Perfect for a basic white Christmas 🙊

"The adults were nestled and snug in their beds, while visions of lower gas prices danced in their head."

Visions Of Lower Gas Prices - A timely Christmas card for this year that'll make them reminisce about the good ol' times. A funny gift for the one who complains about gas prices all year.

"Don we now our ugly sweaters."

Ugly Sweaters - Here's a little tongue twister for you. Nothing makes Christmas better than wearing an ugly sweater in cozy sweater weather.

Sure, they're oddly designed and have dissonant color patterns, but they keep you cozy.

"Does my *ss look fat in this?"

Fat Santa - Did you ever wonder how Santa fits into your chimney? It's because he's magical. If he weren't... he wouldn't make much sense.

5 Boxed Christmas Cards for Everyone

You probably have a long list of naughty or nice girls and boys on your mailing list.

So we've gathered a handful of funny Christmas card box sets that'll work pretty universally for everyone. We guarantee that these assorted card sets will spread the holiday cheer en masse... at an unbeatable value!

Christmas pun pack

Christmas Pun Pack - This Christmas pun pack comes with 6 different funny designs that are sure to make even the Grinch crack a smile.

Alternative Christmas Box Set

Alternative Christmas Pack - This Christmas pack comes with 2 cards of each design. The designs feature a humorous alternative history surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ with hilarious dialogues.

12 days of Christmas card set

Twelve Days Of Christmas Card Set - This card pack comes with 1 card for each of the 12 Days of Christmas. These designs feature literal jokes and puns for each of the twelve days from the song.

Funny Christmas Card Pack

Sassy Christmas Card Pack - A box of 5 sassy Christmas cards with designs that feature cartoonish graphics and cheeky text.

Humorous card pack

Humorous Variety Pack - If you have a pretty lengthy mailing list, this variety pack comes with 24 cards — 3 of each design. The designs are cute and funny, featuring Santa with his reindeer.

5 Sweet and Cute Christmas Cards

Animal puns always make for adorable cards. If you're looking for a more sweet and thoughtful approach, these "punny" Christmas cards can help spread the love this holiday season.

"Merry Christmas to my favorite otter."

Favorite Otter - Otters are undeniably one of the cutest aquatic animals. They have the thickest fur of any mammal, and that's what makes them so snug.

An ideal Christmas card to give to your significant otter.

Dyslexic Santa available Laywine’s - This is why little Jimmy got precious Becky’s Barbie Dream House, and little Becky got an inappropriate “toy” meant for the lady down the street.

Santa struggles with maps.

"You belong on top of the Christmas tree because you're an angel and a star."

Christmas Angel - A very sweet Christmas card. The perfect choice to make them feel loved and appreciated on this special holiday.

"Fleece Navidad"

Fleece Navidad - In case you didn't know, "feliz navidad" is Spanish for "merry Christmas," as almost everyone knows thanks to the classic song.

This hilarious Christmas card is a brilliant pun that's guaranteed to make everyone "WANNA WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS" from the bottom of their heart this holiday season.

"It's Beginning To Look A Sloth Like Xmas"

A Sloth Like Xmas - Who wouldn't find a festive sloth, hanging upside down on a branch, wearing a Christmas sweater adorable? This holiday season might give you a chance to kick back and relax like a sloth.

4 Adorable Dog Christmas Cards

People these days often say pets are the new kids. Many of us consider dogs a part of the family as they spread love and joy 24/7/365.

Here's a selection of adorable dog Christmas cards to spread the holiday spirit.

"Pomeranian in a Christmas sock."

Kiss and Punch - If your stocking is big enough, a Pomeranian would probably fit inside. Enjoying the cuddles from your furry companion is a treat any holiday season.

"Bah humpug."

Humpug - A cute Christmas card inspired by A Christmas Carol with a punny spin on Ebenezer Scrooge's famous line. While he uses this line to express displeasure, this "Humpug" conjures up the quite opposite.

"Dachshund through the snow."

Dachshund Through the Snow - "...in a one-dog open sleigh!" Please don't take this as an encouragement to have your dachshund pull you on a sleigh. It's "ruff" on their backs.

"Maybe they'll think Santa ate them."

Irresistible! - Fun fact: The tradition of leaving a treat out for Santa came during the Great Depression to teach kids about giving.

Did you ever wonder who really eats the treats left for Santa? If you have a dog, don't forget to leave some out for them, too.

4 Precious Cat Christmas Cards

Do you know more cat people than dog people?

Cats love Christmas because of all the new attractions. If you have a cat, beware of their curious tendency to wreak holiday havoc.

Here are a handful of funny cat themed Christmas cards to brighten up the holidays.

Cat with mistletoe on tail.

From Our Cat - This crazy Christmas card is a great way to send smiles across miles.

...kissing under the mistletoe is optional.

"Oh joy!"

Oh Joy! - Cats are most often portrayed as pretty pessimistic. During Christmas, it's quite the opposite. Cats are typically pretty jazzed about the hanging decor, lights, and sweaters.

"Merry Christmas to my human servant."

Human Servant - This funny Christmas card points out the "innocent" tendency of cats to wreak havoc. With all those shiny hanging disco balls glittering by the light of captivating Christmas lights, who can blame them?

card with wooden ornament

Beware the Yule Cat - Fun Fact: The Yule Cat legend was used by farmers to motivate their workers to finish processing the fall wool before Christmas.

(This card comes with a wooden ornament. No, really.)

5 Cheeky Adult Christmas Cards

Christmas is just as much fun for children as it is for adults. There are as many gifts for adults as there are for kids.

Here are some cheeky Christmas cards to make the holiday season even more fun.

"Let's get on Santa's naughty list. Naughty list - you and me."

Naughty List - The older you get, the naughtier you become. In a good way, of course. This cheeky Christmas card is perfect for getting your partner in the holiday mood.

"You've been naughty and I like it."

You've Been Naughty - When you're an adult, naughty is the new nice. This bold Christmas card is a perfect gift to give on a cozy holiday.

"Spread holiday cheer, not gonorrhea."

Spread Holiday Cheer - While we're talking about naughty things, remember to be naughty safely. The only thing that should spread this holiday season is love and joy.

"Yeah, I'd probably bang Santa."

Yeah, I'd Probably - Santa works full time, going around and giving gifts to all the children. Definitely a provider.

Let's face the facts: Santa is the ultimate daddy.

"Mistletoe hanging instructions."

Hanging Instructions - Please assemble the Christmas decorations properly this holiday season. This outrageously funny Christmas card guarantees a "hard-y" laugh.

4 Suggestive Cards for Your Boyfriend

While you're thinking about getting cozy and snuggled up this Christmas season, remember to get your partner a deserving gift.

Here's a handful of suggestive Christmas cards for your boyfriend to get the holiday banging.

"Baby it's cold outside but it sure is warm in my v*gina."

Cold Outside - There isn't anything as cozy and warm as body warmth. This raunchy Christmas card will surely raise his holiday "spirit."

Jingle Balls available at Hi Ho Silver - Ho ho hooooly sh*t I really need to stop writing these gigantic articles and find a significant other who’d give me this card 🥲

"I like your balls."

I Like Your Balls - Christmas is filled with hanging balls around. Make sure he knows his pair are still the most special with this suggestive Christmas card.

Sing a rendition of "jingle balls" for full effect.

"The only package I want this Christmas is yours."

Christmas Package - Of course, this hilarious Christmas card is referring to the complete boyfriend package.

You know, the caring, nurturing, and loving duties that come with being a boyfriend.

Just kidding. We all know which package this card's referring to.

4 Racy Christmas Card for Your Girlfriend

Have you figured out what to give to your special lady this holiday season? While you're working on that, check out these racy Christmas cards that'll set the festive mood.

"I have a massive package for you."

Barry Wood Christmas - A hilarious Barry Wood meme-inspired Christmas card for your girlfriend. This should get her excited for Christmas evening.

All I Want For Christmas available at Pirate Girl Shop - Not the most romantic card in the world, but it’ll probably make her holiday a bit brighter nonetheless.

"I'm no weatherman but you can expect a few inches tonight."

Expect A Few Inches Tonight - Doesn't matter how much snow falls tonight. You're going to be plowing deep all night long.

"Wishing you a happy holi_ay. I'll give you the d later."

D For Later - Sometimes, you just have to save the best for last. Get her excitement up with this naughty Christmas card.

Thanks For Dropping By!

We sincerely hope you had fun browsing through our list of hilarious Christmas cards. If you found the perfect card to spread the holiday cheer with, let us know by leaving a comment below. We welcome any suggestions that you think are worthy of this list as well!

We hope you get to spend time with the ones you love this holiday season, and we wish you a merry Christmas, happy holidays, or a festive whatever-the-hell-it-is-you-celebrate!

Love you!

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